Chef Demo

Well versed, professional hospitality manager/culinary chef with all functions of running a successful food service/restaurant operations, keen sense of food trends, styles and branding of food offerings for various environments that will offer seasonal and regional selections for customer base that will increase revenue and customers. Excellent menu and recipe development of food items with exhibition cooking, weekly food offerings, themed meals. Exceptional cookery and culinary skills with exceptional knowledge of Italian Cuisine. Other valuable skills include customer service, marketing, HAACP/Food Safety, staff leadership and financial acumen. I’m seeking a senior level position in the hospitality industry that provides exceptional guest services, food quality, staff development, revenue growth and customer loyalty.

I have been a professional culinary manager/chef in the hospitality/food service/restaurant industries for the past 20 years. My experience includes operational management (payroll, pos software, financial analysis, team building, project leader, procurement, etc.). I have also worked in several different venues such as healthcare, independent living, nursing facilities, upscale catering companies, film/media companies, casual dining restaurants, and mid-large service hotels. I have also had exposure in media with published recipes and food and beverage articles and have appeared on several media outlets providing cooking demonstrations and nutritional information.

I am from the San Francisco/Bay Area and have been exposed to many different cultures and cuisines. As a result I am very diverse in the cultural backgrounds and authentic preparation of Latin, Italian, American, Mediterranean, Caribbean, African and Asian cuisines. My experiences have prepared me for Atlanta which has become an international city over the past decade.

I recently started my own culinary strategy consulting firm Dondari Culinary Consulting Services, LLC.  that assist those in the hospitality/food service industry with menu planning/roll out, system and standards implementation, staff engagement with leadership principles, cost saving controls for food budget are just a few of the services that I offer. I’m also available for chef and product demonstrations, secret shopper surveys, event planning, catered event, private chef and culinary classes,  consulting for restaurant, culinary and food service operations from pos software programming, recipe and menu development, etc.

I can be contacted at dondarijc@gmail.com or http://www.linkedin.com/pub/donnell-jones-craven/22/9b3/6b/.




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