Food Talk with Chef Ernesto Interview Friday 1/24/14

Food Talk with Chef Ernesto Interview Friday 1/24/14



Good evening everyone. Just wanted to share the latest culinary happening in my life.

I was interviewed by Chef Ernesto last Friday evening on his Radio Talk Show. Just wanted to put it out there. I really enjoyed the show and hope to become a regular guests on the show. Please check out his show weekly on Fridays at 6pm PST/9am EST.

Welcome to Food Talk with Chef Ernesto, the coolest Chef on the planet!

Join us as we Interview Chef Donnell Jones Craven. He is well versed hands on, culinary trained in classic and international cookery. His ability to lead a kitchen staff and front of the house into success makes him a valuable commodity. 
This culinary specialist is doing big things in the ATl. 
A Graduate of Morehouse College and an dedicated food and beverage manager is an awesome in complete kitchen management!!!!

show airs on Friday @ 6pm pacific. click the food talk link below, or call in to listen on your phone. 213-769-0900.


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